Five more scholarship girls enter university October 2014 from Libore after graduating with their BAC degree from Secondary!

In October 2014, five more scholarship recipients from Pencils for Kids will enter University in Niger after graduating with their BAC degree from Secondary School.  This is a huge accomplishment and now 13 girls from Libore will be in some form of post secondary institution within the past three years.  We are incredibly proud of the hard work and effort they put in to make it thus far.  In October there will be a ceremony at their former school celebrating their accomplishments and giving each one their very first Laptop from Pencils for Kids.
P4K is honoured to have been instrumental in their success and wishes them all a wonderful year.


Charifatou Moussa Abdou TD

Cherifatou Moussa Abdou 2

Fathia Abdourhamane TA

Fatiya Abdourahamane T A

Katoumi Seyni Karimou TA

Katoumi Seyni Karimou TA

Rahina Moussa Saley TA

Rahinatou Moussa Garba TA_1

Samiratou Bagué Oumarou TA

Samiratou Bagué Oumarou TA

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