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Training for the trainers of the Farmers of the Future

Today, July 26th, 2012, was the start of  the training program for the ‘trainers’ who will assist in preparing the teachers for the Farmers of the Future program! 16 people will receive training during 20 days, led  by Saidou Abdoussalam from ICRISAT and Hamani Djibo from LIBO. This training session will cover many subjects, including […]

P4K, with generous sponsorship from Superior Medical, provides training for the midwives in Libore

All this week, July 8th -13th, 2012, the midwives in Libore have been receiving training from a professional health organization in Niger, sponsored by Pencils for Kids through the generosity of Superior Medical.. It has been going very well and the women are not only getting a great education, but are being taught how to […]

Hassiatou Karimou, a P4K scholarship recipient, is the first girl to graduate from a Libore Secondary School!

Hassiatou Karimou, is the first girl to graduate from the Amadou Madougou Secondary School in Libore! She has been a recipient of the P4K Scholarship sponsored by the Burlington Rotary Club. We are very proud of her achievement and this very special milestone. This year 72 girls were awarded scholarships by Pencils for Kids and […]