Pencils for Kids’ journey in pictures — eight years of friendship with the people in Libore!

It is hard to believe that it has been eight years since the beginning of Pencils for Kids.  To commemorate this journey we have put together a book of photos depicting many of the programs we have done together with the community of Libore. The schools, the library, the scholarships, the kindergartens, the soccer program, the sewing centre, the Farmers of the Future….and more.

We are grateful to everyone who has joined us on this amazing journey – who enriched us along the way.  And it is just the beginning…When we go to Niger we will be bringing copies of this book in French to the many local and national officials we have worked with in the past many years.  A moment to contemplate. An opportunity to celebrate.

photo 4

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Our Journey Together

Pencils for Kids began quite by accident in December 2005 when Dan Galbraith, a photographer for the Canadian Team at the Games of la Francophonie, witnessed the devastating poverty in Niger, the host country for the Games. Back home, when he told the story of 30 children sharing one pencil in a classroom, a few in Toronto, Canada were moved to act. That moment turned into an eight-year journey and friendship with the community of Liboré, in Niger. Since that time, Pencils for Kids has built schools, provided resources and developed programs that give the people of Liboré an opportunity to be educated and earn an income. Our journey is depicted in photos, representing many of these projects and initiatives. It is a journey that continues to this day, inspiring all who have had the privilege of participating.

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