Amadou Madougou, former Mayor of Libore visits the P4K team in Toronto!

What a day!
Amadou Madougou, former Mayor of Libore and Federal Minister of Education,  and his son Alioun, who lives in Quebec, visited Toronto for the first time on August 16th.  It was a whirlwind visit marked by a special lunch at the top of the CN Tower with Louise Sherman, P4K’s Treasurer and Program Director, and Robin.  We then had a very moving dinner with members of the team who met the Mayor for the very first time.  Everyone was in agreement that this was a man with tremendous grace, humility and wisdom.  During the meal, each person explained their role and involvement with Pencils for Kids and their words were eloquently translated by Alioun, who is bilingual. The Mayor then held us all captive as he explained what impact each of our programs had on his community and the many villages that comprise it. There were tears and laughter and a sense of occasion. We wanted the evening to go on and on.  The next morning they were off to Porter airport for the flight to Ottawa and then on to Sherbrooke.  It was by all accounts one of P4K’s most memorable events — one we will all savour for a long time to come. Knowing that our work has truly changed lives is reason enough to keep our spirits high and our energy focused.  Amadou Madougou is one of the main reasons we have stayed by Libore’s side all these years — because we knew we had fallen into the arms of a man we could trust completely. He is highly respected in his country and tremendously admired here in Canada.

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