December 2012 visit to Cooper’s Sewing Centre

Third year students design and sew beautiful dresses

We also visited the Coopers Sewing Centre and the girls are doing so well — there are separate areas for each of the three levels, and literacy and numeracy training as well.  The Cooper store continues to sell clothing made by the girls, and fabric and sewing notions, which helps to support the Centre.

The Cooper store and the manager who runs it!

In addition, as of 2012, the girls all pay a fee to enter the Centre.  Chairs made by the Handicapped Centre are rented out as part of a chair rental business and this income helps to support the Sewing Centre and programs. It has come a long way since we purchased four sewing machines a few years ago and is well on the road to self-sufficiency.

New site for the future Cooper Centre – Robin and Hamani


P4K also helped them purchase a tract of land for the future home of the Cooper Center – a centre that will be the home to the Cooper store, the sewing centre, to fabric dyeing, soap making and cooking in the future.  A true community centre and training place for women.

Cooper students also have literacy and numeracy training 

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