This Holiday Season: Help Us Give Children the Support They Need to Take Control of Their Future

This year, in honour of those you love, give the gift of education to a child in Liboré, Niger, Africa.

It has been a challenging year for the people of Liboré, Niger. Pencils for Kids has officially launched its Farmers of the Future program together with our partner, Eliminate Poverty Now, in three villages, teaching children how to practice agriculture as a business. Our first ever scholarship recipient from our Scholarships for Girls program has gone on to University, and the sewing centre continues to thrive.  But amidst this uplifting news, there was massive flooding in August, displacing thousands of families, who not only lost their homes, but their crops as well. Many P4K supporters  responded to our appeal and, as a result, we were able to send money to purchase tons of rice, thousands of dollars of medicine and hundreds of bed-nets.

We remain deeply committed to helping this community get on its feet and develop programs that are self-sustaining. All of the Kindergartens begun by P4K are now run by the government and fully sustainable. The Cooper sewing centre sells creations and sewing supplies to local villagers, and the money from this,  along with modest student fees, help support the centre and teacher. The women’s tree nursery that was begun as part of our Farmers of the Future program will sell its trees to local farmers and use the money to support other women’s gardens. Despite the setbacks imposed by the flooding, Liboré continues to make tangible progress on all these fronts.


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Thank you for supporting the work of Pencils for Kids and letting the children in Liboré, Niger know that you care!

- Pencils for Kids

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