Join us in our “Wear a Pencil” campaign!

Hamani (left) wears the pencil made by the artist, Tchihma Abdo (right)

Mayor Amadou Madougou wears the very first pencil necklace!

Please join us in our worldwide “Wear a Pencil” campaign to ensure that every child has access to education.

Our goal is for everyone to:

Wear a pencil, until every child has a pencil.

Wear a pencil until every child can read and write.

Wear a pencil as a symbol for education, literacy and hope.

Help us sharpen the minds of the future!

These pencil pendants are designed by a local artist in Niger, Africa, who sculpted them from natural rock in the region and created the look of a real pencil. They are wonderful and have already been sought after by everyone who has seen them.

Funds from this campaign will benefit the children of Libore, Niger to help them with their educational needs.

Join us in our “wear a pencil” campaign….wear one and share one!

For more details on how to get one, please see our “Donate” page!

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