Message From the Mayor of Liboré


Dear internet users and friends of Liboré, welcome to our website!

The rural commune of Liboré is a small community with an area of 110 Km2 and a population of 22,500 – averaging 205 inhabitants per Km2.

The commune includes 21 villages, 15 of which are administrative districts to which 6 big hamlets were attached.

Our primary activities are: Agriculture, farming, fishing, and small businesses.

The difficulties which assail us are: Poverty, illiteracy, and epidemic of diseases such as: malaria, cholera, schistosomiasis, meningitis, etc. and the hard labor the women must accomplish in the household and in the fields.

Given these issues, we are focusing our activities on education, health, designated drinking water sites, improving women’s quality of life which begins with the schooling of our young girls and financial aid to housewives for small businesses and to raise small farm animals.

Every humanitarian action in these fields would be a great help in the betterment and growth of our young community.

We thank you in advance for all your good deeds.

A. Madougou
Mayor of Liboré

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