Training for the trainers of the Farmers of the Future

Today, July 26th, 2012, was the start of  the training program for the ‘trainers’ who will assist in preparing the teachers for the Farmers of the Future program! 16 people will receive training during 20 days, led  by Saidou Abdoussalam from ICRISAT and Hamani Djibo from LIBO. This training session will cover many subjects, including vegetable gardens, environment, tree nurseries and animal fattening,  and use the curriculum that has been developed for the program.

Teaching the curriculum to the future trainers of the Farmers of the Future program!

The teachers will then be taught by some of these trainers in September, prior to the beginning of the school year in October.  The Farmers program is currently being piloted in three village schools in Libore, Gueriguinde, Galbal and Gonzare.

The first day of a 20 day training schedule begins early with enthusiasm and excitement!

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