P4K, with generous sponsorship from Superior Medical, provides training for the midwives in Libore

Training for the midwives will make a huge difference to many women in the commune who often lose their babies during childbirth.

All this week, July 8th -13th, 2012, the midwives in Libore have been receiving training from a professional health organization in Niger, sponsored by Pencils for Kids through the generosity of Superior Medical.. It has been going very well and the women are not only getting a great education, but are being taught how to use the equipment that was sent over by Superior Medical a few months ago.

Some very needed instruments!

Equipment from Superior Medical in Canada helps change the face of care in Libore, Niger

Each midwife will have her own first aid bag to use and there are now baby scales and other needed instruments to help with deliveries.  So many babies die in childbirth in the developing world.   This training will help combat this growing problem and give many women a greater sense of security and comfort when delivering their children.

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