Share the Happiness – Video by Khang Ha and the P4K Markham Chapter at Markham District High School

The P4K Markham Chapter at Markham District High School (MDHS) is raising its voice to make a difference in the global community by lifting children out of poverty through education. After learning that 30 children shared a single pencil in a classroom in Libore, Niger, the P4K Markham Chapter decided to take a stand using this video to signify the importance of education to the students at MDHS.

A grade 12 student, Khang Ha, at Markham District High School has created a video ‘Share the happiness’ featuring students through grades 9-12 at MDHS. The title of the video, ‘Share the happiness,’ represents the privileged members of the P4K Markham chapter sharing their happiness with the underprivileged children of Libore, Niger while the pencil represents ‘hope for a better life’ — putting a smile on the faces of children as they receive it. The Markham Chapter of P4K believes in One pencil, One child, One better future and aims at collecting funds to help educate and brighten the future of children of Libore, Niger, one child at a time.

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