“It Takes a Village”

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It was decided years ago that a book Professor Dov Pasternak had written about horticulture in sub-Saharan Africa needed to be translated into French for it to have the most impact.

Our colleague, John from Eliminate Poverty Now has gone with his wife to Niger for the next ten days, and has posted a series of blog posts about the two-year long saga bringing this book to life!

“Several years before he died, Dov Pasternak, father of Farmers of the Future, took the time to capture all his experiences and philosophy in a book he called Agricultural Prosperity in Dry Africa.  In typical Dov fashion it’s funny, opinionated and full of stories about the obstacles to successful agricultural development in Africa and the keys to actually make it happen.  It’s a very important book.”


Read Part 1 – of the saga in bringing Dov’s book to life…

Read Part 2  – explaining the obstacles that were surmounted to bring it across the finish line.

Read Part 3  – a happy ending!

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