Passing of Farmers of the Future’s Dov Pasternak


Dov Pasternak, the father of Farmers of the Future, passed away on Friday, April 27th, 2018 in Israel.  His passing is a huge loss for Eliminate Poverty NOW, for Pencils for Kids, for Africa and the world. Dov was a visionary, teacher, mentor, inspirational leader and friend. 

So much of our philosophy and approach to agricultural development comes directly from him.  He devoted his life to growing crops in the most challenging places and teaching farmers to make a good living from their sweat and toil.  Dov taught us that every obstacle is an opportunity to learn, that every problem has at least 3 solutions, that with patience and perseverance almost anything is possible, and most importantly, “to never, ever give up!”

Dov was passionate, intense and held strong opinions about things he believed in. He wanted things done right and done quickly so that progress could be made. He was also warm-hearted, funny, humble, an excellent listener, quick to forgive, and quick to change his mind when something else made more sense.  He was wise beyond words and a delight to work with.

In the last year Dov was given a lifetime achievement award for his impact on the lives of people in Africa. His work has benefited hundreds of thousands.  He has been, and will always be, a role model for how to make a real difference in this world.  To say he will be sorely missed does not begin to capture the loss we feel.

Dov viewed Farmers of the Future as the culmination of his 50+ years of work in agricultural development.  We are committed to ensure his dream of transforming agricultural practice in Africa is realized.  We will never, ever give up!

Image of Dov Pasternak in Africa

Dov had a love affair with Africa

Announcement from the people in Niger:

Ce jour vingt sept Avril deux mille dix huit,

Nous avons appris avec tristesse la disparition tragique d’un baobab mondial, le Prof DOV PASTERNAK.

Le monde a perdu une bibliothèque. L’Afrique a perdu un père, le Niger a perdu une boussole.

 A mon nom propre, à celui de mes collaborateurs et au nom  de toute ma famille, je présente nos condoléances les plus attristées à vous tous, à sa famille, ses amis, ses collaborateurs et à toute l’équipe qu’il a réunie autour d’un idéal qu’est FARMER OF THE FUTURE.

Notre guide scientifique, nous le savons est très attaché au monde rural en général et aux pauvres en particulier.

En héro, le temps a eu le dessus sur lui mais, il est tombé l’arme à la main.

Certes, Dov nous a quittés physiquement, mais il restera à jamais spirituellement et moralement parmi nous.

Que son âme repose en paix !


(English translation of above)


This day twenty seven April two thousand and eighteen,

We have get a news with sadness the tragic disappearance of a   baobab of the earth, Prof. DOV PASTERNAK.

The world has lost a library. Africa lost a father, Niger lost a compass.

 on my own name, to that of my collaborators and to the name of all my family, I offer our deepest condolences to his family, his friends, his collaborators and to the whole team he has gathered around an ideal that is FARMER OF THE FUTURE.

Our scientific guide we know is very attached to the rural world in general and to the poor in particular.

In hero, the weather had the upper hand on him but, he fell the weapon in his hand.

Prof Dov has physically left us, but he will remain forever spiritually and morally among us.

That his soul rests in peace !


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