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  • Pencils for Kids Travel Industry Today – May 29, 2017 Read
  • Pencils for Kids: Making a Difference One Pencil at a Time [PDF] Toronto Youth Volunteer – May 25, 2013 Download
  • Pencils for Kids fundraising at MMR [JPG] Burlington Post – May 24, 2013 Download
  • Kelly Hartman donates money from sales of her Jewellery designs to help Pencils for Kids! [PDF] Jewish Tribune – August 22, 2012 – By Rena Green Download
  • Back-to-school shopping that actually makes a difference [PDF] The Globe and Mail – February 28, 2012 – By Farah Mohamed Download
  • The Story of Pencils for Kids [PDF] The Entrepreneurial Way – November 24, 2011 – By Robin Mednick Download
  • Pencils for Kids Founder inspires Premeds [PDF] The Harvard Crimson – October 18, 2011 – By Dillon van Auken Download
  • P4K Markham Chapter's Divya Shah on Rogers TV [Video] Rogers TV – April 4th, 2011 – By Jacqueline Betterton and Jeff Moore Watch
  • Farmers of the Future - Building the Curriculum [PDF] Nourishing the Planet, Worldwatch Institute – March 16th, 2011 – By Danielle Nierenberg Download
  • Small charities, outsized results [PDF] The Globe and Mail – December 2010 Download
  • Farmers of the Future [PDF] Worldwatch Institute – October 2010 Download
  • Get Inspired: Divya's Story [PDF] – October 15, 2010 Download
  • Starting on the right foot, with pencils in hand [PDF] Metro – May 25, 2010 Download
  • Molly Killingbeck, Chair of Pencils for Kids, Interviewed by The Gold Standard November 2009 Download
  • Niger, The worst quality of life Norway tops U.N. quality-of-life list; U.S. is 13th, while Niger finishes last [PDF] - October 05, 2009 Download Human Development Report 2009 United Nations Development Programme Read
  • Louise Sherman, Program Director for P4K visits Niger [PDF] Reprinted from The Shofar - March/April 09 Issue Download
  • Molly Killingbeck, Chair of Pencils for Kids, Honoured York University - February 2009 [PDF] York University - February 2009 Download
  • Young Leaders Making a Mark on the World [PDF] Oakville Beaver – January 30, 2009 Download
  • Fighting Poverty, One Pencil at a Time Globe & Mail – January 17, 2009 Download
  • Vivian Leung, Pencils for Kids Youth Ambassador, Honoured as Ontario Junior Citizen of the Year Ontario Community Newspapers Association - January 2009 Read
  • Support Grows for Pencils for Kids [PDF] Oakville Beaver - October 15, 2008 Download
  • Pencils Help Erase Poverty [PDF] Thornhill Post - March 2008 Download
  • Answering the Call to Help [PDF] Vaughan Citizen - January 17, 2008 Download

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Pencils for Kids began quite by accident in December 2005 when Dan Galbraith, a photographer for the Canadian Team at the Games of la Francophonie, witnessed the devastating poverty in Niger, the host country for the Games. Back home, when he told the story of 30 children sharing one pencil, a few in Toronto, Canada were moved to act. That moment turned into a journey of friendship with the community of Liboré, in Niger. Since that time, Pencils for Kids has built schools, provided resources and developed programs that give the people of Liboré an opportunity to be educated and earn an income. Our journey is depicted in photos in this book, representing many of these projects and initiatives. It is a journey that continues to this day, inspiring all who have had the privilege of participating.

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