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Thoughts about 2011

It has been a year of progress for Pencils for Kids despite very challenging economic times. We continued to build meaningful relationships with our partners that will definitely have a lasting impact on the people of Liboré, Niger. P4K has developed an approach which balances direct funding and sponsorship for a small number of model programmes […]

P4K invites Project Play Africa to Libore to coach soccer and start leagues!

This has been an incredible week for the villagers and children in Libore! Mike Mitchell and Dave Stahl from Project Play are there for 8 days, visiting every village in Libore and showing the coaches, teachers and students how to establish soccer (football!) clubs, leagues and competitive play. They are spending time teaching  training and practice […]

Last day of my trip in Niger, February 17th, 2011

Had a very early 6:30am breakfast with Judy and John to say goodbye as they were leaving for Benin. Hamani the wonderful picked them up to go to the airport and must have been up at 4:30 to start his day.  At 9am Hamani picked me up for the last day of errands……visit to some shops […]

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

We had the second day of our Farmers meeting today and it was a very fruitful day with much accomplished. We are united in our desire to push the vision forward with five pilot sites. Not yet sure where the five will be. But the highlight for me was the visit all 15 of us […]