Our Role in the Global Climate Strike initiative

Pencils for Kids is committed to helping the people of Liboré develop strategies of resilience and sustainability as they deal with economic insecurity compounded by the impacts of climate change. We are proud to take part in the Global Climate Strike initiative and to show support for #FridaysForFuture and the youth #ClimateStrike — we stand together to demand better climate laws. 

We have taken steps to improve our community in Liboré by supporting girls through our Scholarships for Girls program. According to Project Drawdown, the 10 most viable global climate solutions includes educating girls. Women’s Earth Alliance (WEA) believes that when women thrive, the Earth thrives. By 2019, Pencils for Kids has provided 500 scholarships for girls in Liboré, with 33 graduates  now enrolled in post-secondary institutes or university. The Scholarships for Girls program has transformed the educational landscape, and dramatically expanded the career horizons for many girls and young women in Liboré.

Our Farmers of the Future (FoF) program, established in 2010, under the leadership of the late Professor Dov Pasternak, and in partnership with the American NGO Eliminate Poverty NOW, has introduced ‘Smart Agriculture.’ Based on irrigation, it has promoted the development of a network of market gardens producing higher yielding and higher value crops year round. Through the painstaking development of irrigation infrastructure, training in seed and soil management, as well as marketing expertise, FoF has generated new job and career opportunities for women and young people, while helping to build a truly sustainable foundation for greater food and economic security for the whole community.

Please consider supporting our efforts in Liboré.

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Aging Preconceived: A Personal Journey Starting Pencils for Kids


Hear more from the Co-founder of Pencils for Kids about her life philosophy, her views on giving back, on aging and her own personal journey starting Pencils for Kids.

Pencils for Kids is FEATURED on Travel Pulse!

In early May, our founder Robin Mednick travelled down to The Travel Agent Next Door National Conference at the Iberostar Playa Mita in Puerto Vallarta, we she had the opportunity to tell the attendees about our amazing initiatives!

Here’s a link to an article published by Travel Pulse, featuring Robin and our story: Pencils for Kids: We Speak with Founder Robin Mednick

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More is better!

Another major priority of our trip to Niger was exploring opportunities for expansion. Currently, there are 18 Farmers of the Future sites and we are eager to grow. Each new site provides an opportunity to lift another community out of poverty. But sites also serve as showcases for the power of the FOF concept. After visiting our gardens, municipalities and development organizations are beginning to approach us and ask us to participate in their projects. Our reputation is growing! Here’s a great example of how momentum builds…

Read the full post about our recent trip on our partner Eliminate Poverty Now’s website!

Proud Farmers of the Future. Photo courtesy of Eliminate Poverty Now.

Proud Farmers of the Future. Photo courtesy of Eliminate Poverty Now.