A 12 year-old student’s perspective as shared with her classmates

Imagine, you are learning and you have one pencil for the whole class or you are sharing an eraser with five other children and it’s smaller than a penny! Imagine no desks, no chairs, no black boards…. Imagine having no school supplies. Sure you are thinking “Boy, that will never happen.” But, you are all wrong. Not only did it happen but it is still happening today. I am going to tell you about the organization pencils for kids.

Pencils for kids is an organization that raises money for children in Africa who can’t afford school supplies, an education and more. For them a pencil has become a symbol for education, literacy and hope. To the children there, it is big deal to receive something from others –  it makes them feel that we care about them. I want to do something about it.

Some of you probably ask your parents ” Mom can I get the pretty sparkly pencils?” or “Dad can I get the basketball-shaped erasers?” And they would be in your pencil case in no time. But with these kids they probably have never even seen or heard of those kinds of supplies.

Now, how you can raise money. To raise money you need these special pencil necklaces. All of the money goes to the children in Libore, Niger, who need our help. The necklaces are made by an African man named Thcihma Abdo. The pencil is made from natural rock. The brown-looking color is made by burning the rock in a fire. The string is made out of black shoelace-type material.

The necklaces really don’t have a specific cost, as they are given out for donations, but some of my friends have already bought necklaces for 18 dollars, chai. Some at 10, some 7 and some for 5. Every cent counts.

You may ask why a necklace, when he could have just made regular pencils? Well, here’s your answer. If you donate five dollars for one of those necklaces you can buy 4-5 packs of pencils! Also not all the money is for pencils, erasers and things like that. The organization sends the money to teach the young children how to grow different food and crops. Not only for eating and feeding their families, but also for selling and marketing. It is basically like a small business and it is called Farmers of the Future.

Isn’t it amazing that in order to make a change in society they are starting with the children? And today I am continuing the chain of change starting with us.  I believe it is up to us to make this a better world.

By: Zoe Raphael :o

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