Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

We had the second day of our Farmers meeting today and it was a very fruitful day with much accomplished. We are united in our desire to push the vision forward with five pilot sites. Not yet sure where the five will be. But the highlight for me was the visit all 15 of us took to our pilot site of Gueriguinde to see the results. When I went to speak, I was choked up for the first time. Told everyone, when I finally got the words out, that a year ago exactly, Dov and I put the very first shovel into the ground and here we were seeing lettuce and tomatoes and children taking care of the garden with drip irrigation. They grafted their own Moringa trees and will be selling them for profit shortly. The people from the Ministry of Education seemed particularly pleased and impressed that the adults in the community were engaged and interested as well, answering questions about grafting…..

Dov arrived from India and we had a lovely dinner debriefing him and sharing what we felt after our two days. John and Judy were then greeted, of course, by the former Mayor, the Chef du Canton, the former Vice mayor, Hamani, and Fati, the Mayor’s wife all bearing gifts for them!!!!

Tomorrow they leave at 7am from the hotel, and I am on my own for the day with the committee, Hamani and others……..almost time to go home. And another goodbye.

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