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Farmers of the Future: Update

Our partners in the Farmers of the Future program, Eliminate Poverty Now and our leader, Professor Dov Pasternak, just returned from an incredibly productive trip to Niger. Please click here to see how our Farming initiative is expanding!

Another year of Growth for Pencils for Kids!

Thanks to your support, Pencils for Kids has accomplished so much this past year creating many opportunities for the women and students in Liboré, Niger.

Reflecting Back and Looking Forward

For ten years Robin Mednick and the Pencils for Kids team have been delivering education, healthcare and hope to the community of Liboré, Niger. It all started in 2005 when Robin learned from Dan Galbraith, that 30 children in a classroom in Niger were all sharing one pencil. She sprang into action and immediately set […]

Wow! We won the NGO of the Year award from Nations United

On Sunday, Pencils for Kids received the NGO of the Year award from Nations United, an organization dedicated to providing a platform for humanitarian causes. It was voted on by the public and is awarded to the NGO that people believe is an example for other NGOs to follow in terms of their practices. We […]