‘Education in LIbore’ Archive

“It Takes a Village”

It was decided years ago that a book Professor Dov Pasternak had written about horticulture in sub-Saharan Africa needed to be translated into French for it to have the most impact. Our colleague, John from Eliminate Poverty Now has gone with his wife to Niger for the next ten days, and has posted a series of blog posts […]

Our Role in the Global Climate Strike initiative

Pencils for Kids is committed to helping the people of Liboré develop strategies of resilience and sustainability as they deal with economic insecurity compounded by the impacts of climate change. We are proud to take part in the Global Climate Strike initiative and to show support for #FridaysForFuture and the youth #ClimateStrike — we stand […]

Soccer uniforms arrive in Niger donated by the Burlington Youth Soccer Club!

The children were so excited to wear their new soccer uniforms, donated by the Burlington Youth Soccer Club.  Looking great in their jerseys, shorts and socks!  Sadly we didn’t have any running shoes to send, but they are so adept at playing in their sandals and bare feet.  Where there is a will……

P4K, with generous sponsorship from Superior Medical, provides training for the midwives in Libore

All this week, July 8th -13th, 2012, the midwives in Libore have been receiving training from a professional health organization in Niger, sponsored by Pencils for Kids through the generosity of Superior Medical.. It has been going very well and the women are not only getting a great education, but are being taught how to […]