Our Supporters

Recognize the sponsors and supporters whose generosity and spirit give us wings to fly and continue to help us soar.


  • ORBIS International logo ORBIS International

    ORBIS International is a nonprofit organization fighting blindness in developing countries. It has a flying eye hospital and in February 2010, at the request of Dr. Ed Mednick, who is associated with Pencils for Kids, brought its specialized ORBIS airplane to Niger. For two weeks, a team of doctors, nurses and health care workers trained local ophthalmologists and nurses with new techniques, provided educational outreach, and operated on patients on board the “airplane hospital”. Close to 400 people were screened during the Liboré outreach program, with a quarter receiving follow-up treatment. To watch the video of the program, click here. We are so grateful to ORBIS for partnering with Pencils for Kids and bringing their expertise to the Nigerien people and the commune of Liboré.

  • Project Play Soccer logo Project Play Soccer

    Project Play Soccer was inspired by Mike Mitchell, Founder and President, while he was a Peace Corp volunteer in Niger, West Africa from 1983 to 1985. There he saw first hand the poverty and despair in the communities he visited. A collegiate soccer player, Mike found a common ground with the people of Niger – the love of soccer. Project Play Soccer was instrumental in acquiring a donation of over 17,000 soccer balls for the children of Niger from One World Futbol. And Mike Mitchell helped bring soccer to new heights in Liboré through coaching workshops, team organization, and enthusiastic encouragement of the students.

  • Rotary Clubs in Canada and USA & Rotary International logo Rotary Clubs in Canada and USA & Rotary International

    We have worked with many dedicated Rotary Clubs both in Canada and the US, and in addition to the work they have done bringing water to remote villages in Liboré, they have contributed to International Rotary Grants that continue to support our Farmers of the Future (FOF) program. With their commitment and enthusiasm, many clubs have joined forces to help finance FOF gardens and provide the necessary infrastructure like solar panels and pumps. It is a tremendous collaboration with the local Rotary club in Niger, and with our partner, Eliminate Poverty Now.

  • Eliminate Poverty Now logo Eliminate Poverty Now

    Eliminate Poverty NOW (EPN) co-funds the Farmers of the Future program with Pencils for Kids. EPN is a US-based 501c3 organization creating economic opportunity for the extreme poor in Africa, with special focus on empowering women. In the last 10 years EPN has funded economic development projects in 8 African countries utilizing a combination of education, vocational training and financing. Prior to EPN, the President, John Craig, spent 26 years in business, including 16 years running divisions of large, multi-national corporations. John has a BA and MBA from Harvard University and extensive experience managing large, complex projects.

  • Superior Medical Limited logo Superior Medical Limited

    Superior Medical Limited is a Canadian-owned and operated healthcare distributor. President Ron Kilius has helped countless charitable causes around the globe and has generously supported Pencils for Kids’ efforts in Niger. Among other things, Superior Medical has completely rebuilt and outfitted a large medical clinic in Liboré, trained 50 midwives and sent a container filled with medical supplies and equipment.

  • Ve’ahavta logo Ve’ahavta

    Ve’ahavta is a Canadian humanitarian and relief organization that is assisting people in need locally and abroad through volunteerism, education, and acts of kindness. Pencils for Kids received 4,000 Kinderkits for the childern in Liboré, Niger. These educational supplies had an enormous impact on the lives of the children in Niger.

  • The Travel Agent Next Door logo The Travel Agent Next Door

    In 2016 Robin Mednick, the President and Executive Director of Pencils For Kids was the Key Note Speaker at our annual conference.

    Speaking to a room full of travel agents, Robin recounted the heart warming story of how Pencils For Kids began. As her story unfurled, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

    Moved by her incredible journey and all the work Robin and her team have contributed to the children of Liboré, Niger, The Travel Agent Next Door agents decided this was a cause they wanted to support making Pencils for Kids our official charity partner.


    Givesome is a non profit created to show people the difference they make when they give. Givesome highlights local and global charitable projects on their app and provides users the opportunity to support projects for just $2, $5 or $10. They keep 0% of the funding and once a project is completed they send authentic video footage (provided by their charity partners) back to everyone who supported that project.

    Pencils For Kids has a special connection with Givesome because we were the first charity ever featured on their app and the first project ever funded - in just 6 minutes! Givesome is completely funded through their national corporate sponsors and is now partnered with over 150 charities across Canada. The free Givesome app is available on the App Store and Google Play.


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