Mike Mitchell founder and creator of Project Play Africa is teaming up with Pencils for Kids to create Soccer for Kids!

In 2008 & 2011 Mike and Project Play brought over 3500 soccer balls to address poverty & violence in the Libore region of Niger, this is how he initially became involved with P4K.

Supported by donations of soccer balls and uniforms, Liboré then initiated the first Pencils for Kids Cup Annual Tournament. Soccer is played throughout the school year, teaching teamwork and promoting physical activity in schools and the community.

It is an honor now to have Mike Mitchell on the P4K team! He will continue his work by using the ball as a tool to help the people of Libore create better lives.

To view photos of the Soccer Tournament, click here.

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Inspirational Story

Bayley, a ten year old student at a French Immersion School in Toronto who was a pen pal with a student in Liboré, was so moved by the plight of children in Niger, she raised enough money to purchase 40 backpacks to send over to Liboré.