Scholarships for Girls

Beginning in the 2009/2010 school year, P4K launched its Scholarships for Girls program, offering scholarships to four girls in the CES Secondary School in Libore, and extra group tutoring for girls in the middle school. The results were outstanding, and the girls excelled in their studies and moved on to the next grade level. In the 2010-2011 school year, 17 girls received scholarships in Secondary School, 40 girls received group tutoring in middle school, and many orphan girls had additional help in the earlier grades. In 2011-2012 72 girls participated in the Scholarship program and our first ever Scholarship Recipient graduated from Secondary School and became the first girl from Libore to go on to University. Her name is Hassiatou Karimou. In 2012-2013, another 7 girls graduated and went on to University. They were all given a laptop as a gift from Pencils for Kids to help them with their studies. In 2013-2014 5 more girls received scholarships. The program has shown girls in Libore that anything is possible!

Secondary School scholarships pay for books, uniforms, food allowances and most importantly, tutoring. Our aim is to encourage the girls to stay in school, give them the support they need to accomplish their goals and the opportunity, if they wish, to attend university in the future.

To sponsor a scholarship for a girl, please click here.

To create a Pound for Change event to raise awareness for women in Niger and raise funds for scholarships, please click here.


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