Pen Pals

In 2006 three French Immersion classes at Dewson Street Junior School in Toronto began writing to the children of 3 schools in Liboré, and the program has grown steadily since then. French immersion primary schools and French classes in non-immersion schools and secondary schools are exchanging letters, artwork, banners and cards throughout the school year. Much has been learned and shared between children in both countries!

Teachers' Perspectives about the Pen Pal Program

Joanne Jenkins
Teacher from Dewson St. Junior School

David Kimura

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Inspirational Story

Mohamed was one of my students in the Book Club. Twice a week, after their regular school day, 16 students from CM2 (10 or 11 year olds) would gather round me on the floor of their classroom and listen as I read aloud the stories that I brought from Canada.