In 2008 we opened two kindergartens for the first time in Liboré, giving pre-school children an opportunity to learn and play in a supportive environment. Operated with parent participation, these kindergartens give young children a head start in their education, and they reduce babysitting responsibilities for older siblings, allowing parents to leave their older children in school. The community erects a shade hangar, and the teacher is provided by the government. Pencils for Kids provides the resources, desks and chairs. 

As of February 2014, 11 Kindergartens will have been launched including Clara’s Kids, sponsored by 9 year old Clara, Clara heard about Pencils for Kids and over the past five years has raised enough funds to build the first permanent Kindergarten in Libore. 

Other kindergartens, erected by the community include, Rotary/P4K Kindergarten, the People Bridge Foundation Kindergarten, OECTA Kindergarten, LUSH Kindergarten in Guireiguinde, Parkland and Meadowbrook Players Kindergarten in Sorey Bene and the two newest additions, in Oulmantama and Guireguinde Kortey.

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Today was the third Book Club class with the 10 and 11 year-old Tiendifarou children in Liboré, and I am wondering why it is so difficult for them to understand the material.