The Oakville Chapter

As shared by Vivian

In August 2009, the first community chapter of Pencils for Kids was founded in Oakville, Ontario. As a team of youth from different schools across town, we were united on a mission to help our fellow youth reach their dreams through education. Our first campaign launch, "Textbooks for Kids" brought us to our local mall to raise awareness and to collect donations for textbooks for students in Niger. As students here prepared for the new school year, buying new supplies and books, we strived to help students abroad prepare for school. The passion of Pencils for Kids has inspired the support of several Oakville community members, such as the Oakville-based Sanford Brands Canada - who has shipped over 47,000 pencils and markers to Liboré, Niger through Pencils for Kids - the Mayor of Oakville, and local newspaper, the Oakville Beaver.

Pencils for Kids Oakville strives to empower local youth to help fellow youth abroad achieve their goals. Just three months after the launch of our "Textbooks for Kids” campaign, Pencils for Kids has spread to three local high schools, where motivated students are planning campaigns at their own schools! We are making a difference in the lives of youth, one school at a time and one textbook at a time!"

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