Book Club

As shared by Louise who started a book club program in Liboré

Today was the third Book Club class with the 10 and 11 year-old Tiendifarou children in Liboré, and I am wondering why it is so difficult for them to understand the material. I am using Grade 2 texts and asking very simple questions, and it is like looking at 18 pairs of ‘deer in the headlights’. Even with prompting and almost giving them the answer, they hesitate. After talking with more people I begin to understand. 80% of the teachers have never had any formal teacher training themselves. The children are learning mostly through repetition. The introduction of the Book Club has been a real eye opener. By opening their minds and challenging them to read and think about what they have read, they are developing a love for learning. It is a challenge we are excited to take.


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