Bayley, a ten year old student at a French Immersion School in Toronto who was a pen pal with a student in Liboré, was so moved by the plight of children in Niger, she raised enough money to purchase 40 backpacks to send over to Liboré. The children in Niger sent back photos saying "Thank you Bayley” on the blackboard behind them and holding up their new bags with huge smiles. Bayley then decided to approach her Karate School to raise money for Soccer T-shirts for the children. Her father’s company and the Karate school each contributed and the Printer donated part of his costs and some additional soccer uniforms. 100 T-shirts were printed with P4K logos and sent to Niger, and months later the first Pencils for Kids Cup Soccer Tournament was held. It was incredibly moving to see the children in their brightly coloured T-shirts play for the first time. One ten year old girl made such a difference in the lives of so many.

To view photos of the school bag donations, click here.

To view photos of the soccer uniform donations, click here.

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