95% of every donation goes towards school supplies, sustainable educational programs and infrastructure.

We work closely with local communities to identify the needs of the students and teachers. Donations raised by Pencils for Kids go directly to the community, where a committee of leaders and P4K representatives, allocate the funds to approved projects. The P4K committee in Liboré has included the Mayor, Vice Mayor, Director of the bank, and a member of the Canadian Consulate.

Here's how you can help

Make an Online Donation - it's safe and easy to do

This Donate button will take you to Canada Helps, the secure charity that processes our donations and the donations of thousands of other Canadian Charities. You can then make donations on your own behalf or in memory or honour of someone else. We also invite you to think about donating stocks and securities to P4K through Canada Helps. Canada Helps will issue an automatic tax receipt which can be used by Canadians, and will notify us of your donation.

Mail in our Donation form

If you prefer to send a cheque, please download our PDF form, fill it out and mail to us.

What Your Support Can Provide

Buy pencils! - $20

Buys enough pencils to supply an entire class for the year or more!

Go book crazy! - $30

Without books students cannot learn. Help purchase a set of 5 academic text books for each student for one year of study. These books can then be recycled for future years!

Fill a library with books! - $60

Purchases 20 books for a library and helps fill the empty shelves!

Supply school materials! - $75

Imagine a class without paper, rulers, geometry sets, erasers, sharpeners, pens, notebooks, chalk, maps and more… Help create change and buy the gift of supplies for students!

Build a desk!- $100

Builds a new locally-made desk for students to share in their class!

Sponsor a scholarship for a young girl and change her life! - $600 for one year

Provides uniform, books, food allowance and tutoring in four subjects for one girl for the entire year! Put the Scholarship in your name or in the name of someone you love.

Build a library! - Small or large up to $45,000

Provides many children a safe place to read and learn, develop a lifelong relationship with books, and a love for learning.

Sponsor a kindergarten program for children in a village! - $2,500

Provides tables and chairs, educational toys and resources, and teacher support and training for two years.

Build a three-room school and name it! - $55,000 unfurnished

There are still many villages that have no schools at all for their children. In addition, some children often go to schools that have no walls or protection from the elements. Rain, wild animals and unrelenting sun are constant companions. With so few schools in many parts of the world, it is vital to continue to build educational structures for students of all levels. By building a school you are offering hope to thousands of future students and giving them a reason to dream. Each school is comprised of 3 classrooms. If you or your company cannot fund the building of a whole school, partner with two others and provide one classroom each.

Furnish a school! - $10,000

How to Donate

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Inspirational Story

One day when I was with the Mayor of Liboré, we noticed a donkey pulling a wooden cart with a woman lying down on it.