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Ways to make a difference.

Partner With Us

Many organizations and companies are looking for ways to contribute that will have a positive impact they can see and feel. We invite you to join our Pencils for Kids team as we strive to provide every child the opportunity for an education. Work with us to make it happen. We will sit down with your organization or company and find ways for you to contribute meaningfully to a project of your choosing.

When you sponsor a specific project you have the chance to participate in the naming, receive photos back showing the impact of your donation, and make a direct connection to the people you are helping. We welcome your ideas and support and will send a speaker to your event.

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We love to speak!

We are always eager to share our story and what we have learned. Our message is simple – it is possible for a few people to impact the lives of others, one child and one community at a time. Despite obstacles of language, distance and culture, our common humanity overshadows all else. We all have the same dreams and desires for our families and children. We can work together to make change and offer hope.

Raise Awareness

Help raise awareness in whatever creative ways you can imagine. Every penny counts. We are open to your ideas and can provide speakers to any events you plan.

Raise awareness
  • Farmers of the Future
    • seeds
    • tools
    • solar panels
    • water buckets
  • Sewing Program
    • material
    • sewing supplies
    • books
  • Scholarships for Girls
    • books
    • food allowance
    • tutors
    • uniforms

What your support can provide

We work closely with local communities to identify the needs of the students and teachers. Donations raised by Pencils for Kids go directly to the community, where a committee of leaders and P4K representatives, allocate the funds to approved projects.

Contact Us

Send us a message, our line is always open to create change in Liboré.