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Holiday Update 2016: The Gift of Education Lasts Forever!

Our 2016 Success Stories (Scroll down for our Newer Programs!) Scholarships for Girls ­4 more girls graduated in 2016 to bring the total to 22 who have gone on to University or Post Secondary Institutions since our Scholarship program began! Pencils for Kids has provided 367 scholarships to 175 girls since 2009, and 103 of those girls received scholarships in more than […]

Five more scholarship girls enter university October 2014 from Libore after graduating with their BAC degree from Secondary!

In October 2014, five more scholarship recipients from Pencils for Kids will enter University in Niger after graduating with their BAC degree from Secondary School.  This is a huge accomplishment and now 13 girls from Libore will be in some form of post secondary institution within the past three years.  We are incredibly proud of […]

Journey to Niger, March 2014 FINAL PART

Friday, March 7th, and Saturday, March 8th 2014 The last two days….how time has flown. On Friday, March 7th, we started with a meeting with US ADF, the United States Agricultural Development Fund.  We wanted to ask about funding to start a goat business for the women’s associations, using the brown goats of Maradi. The country […]

Journey to Niger, March 2014, PART FOUR

Day 4 and Day 5, March 5th and March 6th, 2014 The fatigue is setting in. We are all feeling it. Before breakfast I got a call from the former Vice Mayor of Libore,  that she was in the lobby wanting to see me! The Nigerien people I have met are always so thoughtful, polite […]