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Holiday Update 2017: Celebrating 12 Years!

OUR 2017 SUCCESS STORIES (Scroll down for our Newer Programs!) Scholarships for Girls Our Scholarships for Girls program reached an exciting milestone this year. The graduation of three more girls from Secondary school, in Liboré in July, brings the total to 25 since the start of the program. All 25 graduates are enrolled in post-secondary […]

Celebrating Niger’s Independence Day in Washington, DC

On August 3rd, our founder Robin Mednick travelled to Washington, DC to celebrate Niger’s Independence Day with the Ambassador from Niger to the United States and Canada and many other guests. We had the honour of being invited to take part in a panel discussion with other NGOs about the initiatives we are developing in Niger. […]

Farmers of the Future Lettuce Harvest

Our Farmers of the Future program revolves around teaching young students the importance of Agriculture as a business, in addition to training their mothers how to operate gardens with high yield crops. Each semester we test the students’ knowledge. In December, the students at Ecole Centre were able to celebrate the lettuce that they had […]

Raising a glass to all of our supporters!

On behalf of Pencils for Kids we want to raise a glass, a wine glass specially painted with the P4K logo by talented Judi Oracheski, to all of our supporters and to the people of Libore! May the year 2017 bring everyone health, happiness and peace of mind.