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Pencils for Kids is always looking for partners to join us in the communities we serve. While our focus is education, we encourage organizations and individuals with other areas of interest to bring their talents and expertise to our partner communities. Together we can provide so much for so many. For more information please contact

Rotary Club of Olean New York

Carl and Mary Vahl and their Rotary Club of Olean, New York have drilled many wells in the community of Liboré and provided clean drinking water to many villages. Having so many new wells with freshly pumped drinking water has changed lives in a meaningful way and shortened the time children spend walking to fetch water every single day. It has been a huge boost to the community and we are forever grateful to the Vahls and the Rotary clubs who have participated.

ORBIS International

ORBIS International is a nonprofit organization fighting blindness in developing countries. It has a flying eye hospital and in February 2010, at the request of Dr. Ed Mednick, who is associated with Pencils for Kids, brought its specialized ORBIS airplane to Niger. For two weeks, a team of doctors, nurses and health care workers trained local ophthalmologists and nurses with new techniques, provided educational outreach, and operated on patients on board the "airplane hospital". Close to 400 people were screened during the Liboré outreach program, with a quarter receiving follow-up treatment. To watch the video of the program, click here. We are so grateful to ORBIS for partnering with Pencils for Kids and bringing their expertise to the Nigerien people and the commune of Liboré. To learn more, visit

Eliminate Poverty Now

John and Judy Craig are co-founders of Eliminate Poverty Now, a charitable organization in the US that promotes economic development in 11 sub-Saharan countries. We are so grateful to Eliminate Poverty Now which has supported P4K's Sewing Program for girls with new sewing machines, its Trees for Kids program and is working together with P4K and Dov Pasternak on the development of the Farmers of the Future Program, a program that will teach children new ways of thinking about agriculture as a business. If successful, this concept could be scaled up to hundreds or thousands of schools and provide a foundation to move an entire generation of Africans out of poverty.


Ve’ahavta is a Canadian humanitarian and relief organization that is assisting the needy locally and abroad through volunteerism, education, and acts of kindness. At Ve'ahavta they believe in tikun olam, which means repairing the world and are embarking on a campaign that will provide education kits that contain the supplies necessary for a single child’s academic year. Pencils for Kids is excited to receive 4,000 of these kinderkits to distribute to childern in Liboré, Niger. We are grateful to Ve'ahavta for this amazing support and know that this act of generosity and kindness will be very much appreciated in Niger, where children struggle to get an education. Visit

Project Play Soccer

Project Play Soccer was inspired by Mike Mitchell, Founder and President, while he was a Peace Corp volunteer in Niger, West Africa from 1983 to 1985. There he saw first hand the poverty and despair in the communities he visited. A collegiate soccer player, Mike found a common ground with the people of Niger – the love of soccer. Visit

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