Our Mission & Finances

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Our Vision
To make a difference in the world by providing every child the opportunity for an education.

Our Mission
To partner with communities to create sustainable educational programs, resources and infrastructure.

Charitable Number
85271 5994 RR0001

Financial Information
95% of every dollar donated goes directly to our projects.

P4K's Annual Information Returns

P4K's Annual Information Returns are available on the CCRA web-site.

Once on this site, please click on the "Return" icon at the right. This takes you to a new web page which lists the years for which P4K's Annual Information Returns are available. Please click on the icon under the year that you are interested in, in order to bring up the P4K Return for that year.


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One day when I was with the Mayor of Liboré, we noticed a donkey pulling a wooden cart with a woman lying down on it.